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What we do

Aircrew training

When designing the African Aviation Academy (AAA) concept we reflected the extensive consultation with major African airlines who outlined quite clearly the qualities and skills they sought. It was intended from the outset that the AAA course would meet these needs and, in so doing, would provide African graduates with the very best possible chance of securing airline employment. We can conduct JAA certified training for pilots on Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Fokker 50 and Fokker 70/100. Cabin staff and operational ground staff training are subcontracted. The AAA is like the airline industry in that it changes subtly to reflect what is happening within the market it serves. We are in the market of delivering the best trained low hours pilots. Our programme thus has to reflect what the airlines like to see in a low hours pilot. With almost daily feedback from the major African airlines, we occasionally adjust and refine the hours or add to the extra-curricular activities within.

Flight training programme

Operating as part of the crew of a modern airliner requires a unique set of skills and attributes that embrace all aspects of flying ability and personal qualities. It is now widely recognised that it requires considerable commitment from the trainee pilot, the flight training organisation and the employer airlines acting in partnership to prepare an individual to achieve the required standard.So what sets the AAA apart from any other airline pilot training course on the market today? Well apart from delivering the very highest standards of flight and ground training, the programme is designed with extra hours of training in certain areas such as multi-engine multi-crew flight training, with extra big jet experience, and with a whole unique range of activities that will enhance your captaincy skills and knowledge of the airline industry.

Personal Skills Development

Throughout their training, AAA students gain invaluable knowledge of the economics and practicalities of running and managing an airline. During these interactive lecture style sessions,they will be introduced to basic airline economics and given an insight into the bigger picture, examining the interface between the role of the airline pilot and other important flight- support professions. You will attend organised visits to relevant aviation organisations, such as a major Air Traffic Control centre, an aircraft manufacturer or maintenance centre, an airline operations facility and the weather centre. Finally, you will also receive presentations from senior airline managers.

Leasing & financing

Leasing and financingWe lease, operate and maintain medium and big size aircraft with support of major financing companies at a competitive price at any location in the world.

Managerial support

Managerial supportWe lease, operate and maintain medium and big size aircraft with support of major financing companies at a competitive price at any location in the world.

Technical support

We can provide any airline company with technical support to maintain the aircraft in a safe and representative condition using JAA qualified engineers The AAA Maintenance leads, trains and equips personnel supporting aircraft sustainment and operations, and also manages maintenance and modification of aircraft and associated equipment.

The AAA Maintenance directs aircraft maintenance operations activities, developing, coordinating and executing flying and maintenance schedules. AAA is responsible for managing aircraft configuration, including daily aircraft servicing and repair. Aircraft Maintenance Supervisors perform periodic aircraft maintenance inspections and organise flightline safety and foreign object damage (FOD) prevention programs, maintain overall aircraft fleet health and ensure aircraft availability to execute requirements.

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